About Us

We get together on the basis of our similarities; we grow on the basis of our differences.

Virginia Satir – The New Peoplemaking 1988

The Boston Men’s Shed was initially launched in the winter of 2019 meeting in the evenings as a social activity for men over the age of 50, to get together, have a chat, a bite to eat, put the world to rights, and discuss how we should go about getting a Shed. After all, what is a Men’s Shed without a Shed? It actually turned out to be a group of like minded people with many similar interests who wanted to make it a regular meet up.
However, ideas and plans where all put to one side and much forgotten about as the country, and world had bigger issues to deal with!!!
In 2021 we got our shed! This was with the help of some funding from Fenside Community Centre, TaylorITEX CIC, and Royal Voluntary Service who joined together to help us establish our shed.

After a lot of work from the Shedders we are now have a Shed suitable for meeting up and working on a variety of projects – and a place to drink cuppas and eat biscuits!

We now have 2 regular groups of shedders meeting every Tuesday and Thursday. These groups have been focusing on upgrading the Shed but have also established a Woodworking Group and a Gardening Group.

Moving Forward

From August 2022 The Men’s Shed is aiming to become a fully constituted community group, working as an Unincorporated Association.
To view our Constituion and other supporting documents you can view these here