Our Meetings

Currently our meetings are every Tuesday evening from 6pm until 9pm, at Fenside Community Centre.

Meetings are currently free to attend and include refreshments and an evening meal.

What do we do? People attend for a variety of reasons, but what we are finding common is that people like to:

  • Chew the fat”: have chat about things that are happening or effecting our lives currently.
  • Reminisce: about our jobs, growing up in Boston,  “when I was young…”
  • Games:  Dominoes, Cribbage or even a quiz
  • Eat: we like a hot meal of an evening, so come along and dine with us

What Could we do?  The options are pretty much unlimited.  If you would like take part in a particular activity, then voice it and see who else is interested. Here are some of the suggestions so far:

  • Repairing and maintaining things
  • Up-cycling and making things
  • Sporting activities for the over 50’s
  • Creating a Community Garden
  • Woodworking
  • Handicrafts such as art, stained glass etc
  • Sharing and learning new skills
  • Cooking

The choice is yours.  Come along and get involved in whatever suits you.